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Are you fed up of constantly thinking about what you should or shouldn't be eating? Obsessing over eating right and being good?

With no energy left to do what you love.

When was the last time you ate something without thinking about the calories?


You may be experiencing low mood and irritability which is taking a toll on your social life. Or perhaps you’re so focused on your body shape and weight that it takes attention away from your work or relationships?

I understand how overwhelming it is to feel out of control with food...

I understand how small your life becomes when all you think about is what you do (or don't) eat.


When you dread gaining weight. When you are anxious about eating in public so you go hungry until you get home. I get how it feels to not feel at ease with your diet or your self.

But I passionately believe that no one should have to settle for a life governed by food rules and shattered self confidence. You can reclaim your joy.

Hi, I'm Emily

Emily Green, 

Registered Associate Nutritionist

Here to champion a full belly, fulfilled life & a nourished mind

I’m here to show you that food freedom is within reach!


You can live a life you love free from dieting, food rules and restrictions. With a nutritional approach tailored to you, sorting the facts from the fiction, we can create a sustainable and achievable long term plan to empower you to reclaim your life, your confidence and your spark!


Take the first step towards food freedom 

Nourishing yourself is not selfish, it's essential!


A key part of learning to nourish yourself and building a healthy relationship with food is knowing who you can trust & what information to believe (there's sooo much nonsense out there).

I'm here to guide you on your journey with evidence-based, positive nutrition information.

Things can get better and you won't always feel lost.

You deserve to feel empowered with your food choices, not restricted

It's time to focus on your health & happiness 


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For nutrition professionals 

Let's work together!

Get in touch to discuss your project needs and how I can support you.

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