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22 (Actually Interesting) Healthy Snack Ideas to Increase Diet Diversity

Let's talk about snack prep

Move over meal prep, we need to make space for snack prepping.

As the name suggests, snack prepping is the practice of planning and preparing your daily/weekly snacks in advance. It's something that often gets overlooked but snacking can actually be a really important part of the diet.

Snacks often get a bad rep for being unhealthy, high in sugar or saturated fat, but that doesn't have to be the case. Having 2-3 snacks each day is a useful way to eat regularly and keep your energy levels regulated whilst you're awake.

You can make snacking useful for your health by increasing plant diversity in your diet. It's not about denying yourself your favourite treats, but choosing to add in more variety and expand your snack portfolio.

WellEasy healthy snacks to increase diet diversity

Make healthy snacking WellEasy

Teaming up with WellEasy has been a game changer.

With a whole categories of their online marketplace dedicated to interesting healthy snacks, snack planning has never been so easy. You can filter based on your allergies, requirements or dietary preferences - vegan, certified gluten free, dairy free, low FODMAP. Feel free to use the discount code for WellEasy detailed at the end of this post.

*This snack list contains affiliate links - if you decide to purchase any products linked in this post I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.

22 tasty snack ideas

...which don't include celery sticks or dry rice cakes. You're welcome.


Oats with added prebiotics from chicory root fibre to give your gut some love - even better in an on the go porridge pot.

Cereals with a diverse mix of ingredients can be amazing for racking up those plant points in a single meal. This low sugar muesli contains different whole grains such as spelt and quinoa, not just oats!

For a creamy bowl of bircher muesli the addition of apple and raspberry adds a sweet and sharp flavour hit. Make with milk and thick yoghurt for a balance of protein.

The process of sprouting grains can improve some of the nutritional properties compared to mature grains. Sprouting means the process of germination has begun to break down some of the starch and phytate making certain vitamins and minerals more readily accessible for our bodies.


If crisps are usually your snack of choice, it should be easy for you to increase plant diversity in your diet. It's not just potato crisps anymore - lentil, tortilla, corn, pea and seed snacks are all popping up on the market.


Does the idea of snacking on a bog-standard gala apple bore you? Honestly, me too. Dried fruit can be a handy option for long lasting, on the go snacks and a quick way to get some variety into your diet.

By weight, it is often higher in sugar than fresh fruit simply because of the water which has been removed. This means dried fruit is handy for a burst of energy and a little portion of fibre.


Chocolate is a really common food for people to crave, and to restrict...

How many times have you heard people say they're a "chocoholic", can't trust themselves to have chocolate in the house or are giving it up for Lent?

Changing the narrative around chocolate can be helpful for reducing that "Forbidden Fruit Effect". If you allow yourself to eat and enjoy chocolate it can be incorporated as part of a balanced diet.

Pairing fruit with dark chocolate is an opportunity to increase your fibre intake whilst still enjoying a rich dark chocolate snack. Figs are also a fantastic source of calcium which supports bone health.

Go darker for a chocolate option lower in sugar and fat. Dark chocolate has a slightly bitter taste so is great when paired with sweet berry flavours or creamy nut butters.

The addition of cashew butter not only adds great flavour and texture but also a burst of nutrients which you wouldn't usually find in chocolate such as vitamin B6.


Nuts are nutritional powerhouses, great sources of fats, fibre and protein. The multiple types of nuts means there's an opportunity to mix it up and increase the plant-based variety in your diet. Different nuts bring with them different nutrient profiles and diversity which your gut microbes LOVE.

Because why wouldn't you buy a kilo of nut butter at a time! Opting for crunchy peanut butter rather than smooth is a simple trick to yield a higher fibre content.

Get adventurous with flavoured nut butters to keep it interesting.

Make the most of the variety of nuts available and choose mixed packs, extra points for added seeds too! These herby and spicy snack packs from Boundless are delicious.

Where can I buy these healthy snacks?

Feeling inspired to get snack-prepping and stock up your snack cupboards?

Search my shopping list at WellEasy to get all your healthy products in one order. WellEasy have offered me an affiliate code to share which gives you access to £10 off a £50 order and 30 day free trial!

Use WellEasy discount code: EMILYG10 at the checkout to claim!

WellEasy snacks


Thank you so much for checking out this snack list - snack prep may even be more important than meal prep!

Emily Green is a Registered Nutritionist with interests in building a healthy relationship with food, ditching diets and disordered eating. Emily holds two degrees (BSc & MSc) and accreditation from the Association for Nutrition (ANutr). Emily's clinic offers virtual 1-1 nutrition consultations to help you find food freedom. To get in touch please complete a contact form.


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