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Beautiful Breakfast Muffin

A Balanced Breakfast Idea

Starting the day with a savoury breakfast is a great way to keep your appetite satisfied and blood sugars balanced throughout the morning.

This dish starts with a wholemeal English breakfast muffin as a base and a classic eggs, avocado and tomato topping.


Wholemeal English muffin

1 egg

1/2 avocado

Cherry tomato

Olive oil

Salt + peps


  1. Start with lightly toasting the breakfast muffin.

  2. Whilst that's in the toaster, fry an egg in a little olive oil (or dry fry it if you have a good non-stick pan).

  3. Slice up avocado and tomato.

  4. Once the egg is ready and the toaster has popped up, assemble everything and top with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and cracked black pepper.


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