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Creating a good study set up

How to create a productive study space for students working from home

Curating your perfect study space as a nutrition student can make working from home more enjoyable. After working and studying from home for this year I have a few recommendations and full disclosure, as an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases for some items linked in this post.

Desk Space:

I currently have a standard desk with a shelf for my monitor to stand on. This design is handy for having hideaway space underneath and helping keep good posture whilst working. I do both my day job and MSc studying from here so it's super important to me for it to be a comfortable space which isn't going to hurt my back after a day of sitting!

If you're looking to make use of more space in your office an L-shaped desk can be a good shout, especially if you have more than one screen. For budding food photographers, a neat tripod for your phone is a must. This overhead tripod from Tarion is great for flat lays and a birds-eye view.


If you're a visual learner and like pictures, diagrams or pretty revision notes I love a good set of coloured pens or alternatively a whiteboard and set of markers.

Keep a notepad designated for your revision notes; lined for written notes, plain for pics and diagrams. If you're conscious of single use plastic with regular biros, opting for an eco refill pen could be a step in the right direction.

I've had a few diaries from Busy B in the past and love the extra details they add in - planner stickers, cute quotes and space to doodle. Having a daily to do list notebook can be super helpful for planning ahead and breaking down you tasks for the day.

Something nice to look at:

A selection of quotes or affirmations to change every day is a lovely refresh to set the tone for your study sesh.

Creating a feature wall in your study helps make it an enjoyable space to be in. A few frames with your fave photos or a pin board to build a vision board can be a way to lift your mood whilst working hard.

And lastly,

perhaps the most important feature of any study space; snacks.

My perfect week would be a prepared one where I've done most of my meal prep on the weekend and just have to grab a portion of something out of the fridge but having your snacks prepared too is a good shout.

The brain is the most energy hungry organ in our bodies and when you're working hard your brain needs proper fuel and TLC to make sure you don't burn out.

Whole food snacks to prep:

  • Apple slices and cheddar

  • Banana and PB

  • Mix of unsalted nuts and dried fruit

  • Slice of banana bread

  • Wholegrain toast with butter

  • Oat and date bars

  • Greek yogurt and fresh berries

  • Branded snacks to keep in the cupboard


Thank you for reading this Nutrition Upon Tyne blog post on creating a good study space.

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