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What Does Food Freedom Look Like On Holiday?

Food Freedom Whilst On Holiday

Working towards food freedom can be tricky enough in your own home with your regular routine and few surprises. But breaking free from diet culture whilst on holiday can be an even bigger challenge.

Let's take a look at what food freedom might look like on vacation:

Adapting to Change

On holiday the timing, consistency + content of our daily routine can completely change. Being able to go with the flow is a great sign of flexibility in your relationship with food. Whether that's an airport breakfast at 5 am, being less physically active or having a siesta at "dinner time" - flexibility is good!


Not preplanning what, where or when you are going to eat is a useful skill, and sometimes essential if you are on holiday with friends or family. Practising spontaneity is a fantastic way to release some of that control around food and eating.

Honouring Your Appetite

Some people experience reduced appetite in hotter weather or prefer lighter portions, others experience no changes at all. Learning to listen to the signals your body gives you and honouring them is the best schedule to follow. Hunger may show up as irritability, tiredness, headaches or low energy. Whilst satiety presents as a full feeling, distended stomach, feeling satisfied or an eversion to any more food. Be mindful that you're able to honour your new hunger + fullness cues without it being restriction or overeating.

Trying New Things

Immersing yourself in the culture of the country you're visiting brings a sense of curiosity and adventure to holidays. Relinquishing control over your intake to try new foods is a great practice for challenging sneaky food rules. Try a local delicacy or locate some street food vendors to tick off another cuisine from your list.

You might also like to introduce newness to the activities you partake in, places your visit or music you listen to. The ability to shake up your usual day and enjoy it is a sign you can step out of your comfort zone and into the unknown.

Remembering it's not all about the food

Eating takes up a relatively small portion of our day. But with an unhealthy relationship with food, thinking about food can absorb all of your time and energy. Once you can separate food from experiences you're gonna have so much clear headspace.

If you want an ice cream just so you can cool down - that's an excellent idea.

If you want to lie in your hotel room eating Lays crisps before you get ready for dinner - enjoy yourself.

If you want to savour a glass of wine whilst watching the sunset - live in that moment.

Eating is not always about the food, it's about the experiences, feelings and memories you gain.

Holidays should be about appreciating our surroundings, the people we are with, and taking time to rest + recharge.


If you've stuck around to the end I'm hoping this post has resonated with you and you've found some helpful insights you could apply to your own journey to food freedom!

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