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Working from home: Healthy back to work lunch ideas

What to prepare for your lunch when working from home

It's so easy to get stuck in a rut with making the same quick and easy things for lunch.

Not that theres anything wrong with sandwiches, but it can be a missed opportunity to add more nutritious and flavourful foods to your day.

Red lentil dahl with spicy beans: 20 minute lunch

This Dahl with diced pepper and apple has been a favourite concoction of mine to make in bulk for a week of WFH lunch breaks.

Fry off onion and garlic in a pan until softened and add a selection of spices. Then add red lentils, a tin of tomatoes and a mug of water from the kettle and bring to the boil before simmering for 15 minutes.

Serve with a side of veg, I like roasted peppers and spiced apple. And bulk it out with some mixed beans.

Using red split lentils you can create either a creamy or thick dahl depending on how long you cook for.

Money saving tip: Buying dried lentils in bulk and tins of mixed beans made this a really cheap base for 5 meal prepped portions.

Wholemeal pitta and tomato chickpeas: 10 minute lunch.

Grabbed a tin of chickpeas, chopped onion, courgettes and cherry toms and fry off for 5 minutes.

Season with paprika, black pepper and a squeeze of tomato puree to form a sauce.

Whilst the veg are cooking, pop a wholemeal pitta in the toaster until golden brown and piping hot.

I'd recommend using half a tin of chickpeas per portion for a satisfying lunch packed with fibre and protein.

Now that most of us have a bit more time on our hands without a commute to work, we can focus some more on increasing the variety in our diets (esp plant based foods) and 💫adding a little spice💫

Mediterranean veg cous cous: 5 minute meal

Cous cous is an absolute life saver when you're in a rush. Traditionally you'll find it white cous cous but wholemeal varieties are available and just as delicious.

The cous just needs to be covered in boiled water and left to sit for a few minutes.

50-60g per portion depending on how hungry you are.

Speedily fry off diced red onion, bell pepper, sliced courgette and cherry tomatoes in rapeseed oil and Italian herbs for a quick 10 minute lunch.

What to think about when prepping lunch for the week


🌈 Variety of colours = variety of NUTRIENTS

🚽 FIBRE - we all need more of this in our lives for good gut health

🔪 Practicing new COOKING SKILLS

🌎 Explore different food CULTURES

✅ Contributing towards your 5 a day

🎨 Getting CREATIVE is great for your MOOD

😋 So many DELICIOUS foods, so little time!


Thank you for checking out this blog post on working from home lunch ideas. Let us know if you try and of the recipes in your work week.

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