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I'm Emily Green


Registered Nutritionist,

Health Coach &


nice to meet you



I'm here to support you rediscover freedom with food and find self acceptance.

My consultation approach incorporates intuitive eating, weight inclusivity, health at every size & two degrees of nutritional know-how. I don't promote calorie counting, restrictive diets or demonising foods.

Food can be a source of joy in your life... without the guilt!

my approach

I embrace a compassionate, non-judgmental approach individualised to your needs and strive to create a safe, supportive environment for our work together. My mission is to empower you with the core skillset to foster a healthy relationship with food & evidence-based knowledge on how to nourish yourself.

Ultimately, I want you to feel empowered and capable to make food choices which are truly good for you - body and soul. The goal is for you to not need my forever but to "graduate" into a fully fledged intuitive eater!


What makes me qualified?


Education & Experience

Registered Associate Nutritionist (Reg: 38243)

Health Coach, in diabetes prevention

MSc Clinical Nutrition, University of Aberdeen (Distinction)

BSc Nutrition & Psychology, Newcastle University (First)

Nutrition Internship, Talia Cecchele Nutrition

Contributing Writer, Sarah Elder Nutrition, TC Nutrition, The Little Lunchbox Co

Further Study

Behaviour Change course, Dr Gary Mendoza


PCOS for Professionals Course, PCOS Collective  

Body Image Training 2.0, Marci Evans & Fiona Sutherland

Nutrition & Binge Eating Study Day, Sarah Elder Nutrition

Nervous System Informed Nutrition Practice, Sarah Elder Nutrition

IBS & Disordered Eating Awareness Webinar, Maeve Hannan X WIT

Women's Health Webinar Summit, Nutrition Graduates

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