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3 Signs You Are Ditching Diet Culture

Three Clues You're Healing Your Relationship With Food ✨️

Diet culture is literally everywhere.

Its messages are so pervasive and ingrained in society we don't even realise it's part of our mindset.

Fat phobia, weight stigma and chronic dieting are all telltale signs of how diet culture has become normalised and formed our relationship with food. However, you don't have to settle for being made to feel "less than". It's possible to unlearn the diet culture ideology and reclaim a happy, healthy relationship with food.

Let's spot 3 signs that you're already kicking diet culture to the curb:


Trusting your body + honouring your hunger signals

Developing body trust is a great sign that you are healing your relationship with food. In diets and diet culture it's common to force yourself to ignore the feelings, cues and sensations in your own body in favour of following a set of external rules for the diet. Once you start to listen to your own internal signals you can develop body trust.

The body knows best and honing the skill to listen to it and honour those signals is an amazing step in the right direction.


Being able to leave food on your plate when you're full

Now this is not the same as leaving food on your plate because you think you're meant to, you think you shouldn't eat any more or because everyone else has stopped eating. Being able to recognise your satiety cues and accept that your body has had enough to eat is another method of body trust.


Allowing all foods to be kept in the house

It can be common in disordered eating to ban certain foods from the house. This may be because it is a usual 'binge food' for you or maybe you feel out of control around this food, like if you start eating it you'll never stop until it is all gone. This kind of restriction may work for a time, but the mentality around banning certain foods from your home only strengthens the idea that you aren't able to control yourself around them.

I'd argue that the point is not to achieve total control but to achieve total acceptance.

In the process of becoming wise to disordered eating habjts and learning to accept your body there are so many signals, big + small, that show you're healing your relationship with food.

No longer restricting, trusting yourself not an app, and giving yourself full permission to eat all foods indicate you're restoring peace with food ✌️


Thank you for reading!


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